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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is It Just Me, Or Does My Hero Look Like Thorsten Kaye?

I've been watching soap operas since I was a little girl at my mother's knee, and over the years I've watched many: All My Children, One Life To Live, Guiding Light, Young & the Restless, General Hospital, Port Charles, Days Of Our Lives, Passions, Ryan's Hope. I can remember watching Roger Thorpe drag Holly through the jungle, Karen Wolek break down on the stand, and so many of my favorite couples fall in love: Patrick and Marty, Jack and Erica, Todd and Blair, Tad and Dixie, Caleb and Livvie, Sonny and Brenda, Josh and Reva, Ian and Eve, Sami and Lucas, Kevin and Lucy, Todd and Tea, Zach and Kendall...I could go on and on!

I fell in love with romance novels in my teens—again thanks to my mother. I'd watched her curl up on her bed each night with a good book until, eventually, curiosity got the better of me. The first book I read was The Wolf and the Dove by the late-great Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I admit, I barely understood it, but by the time I finished, I was completely—and I mean completely—hooked!

It was only natural that my love of reading romance novels transitioned into a love of writing them. And of course I still watch my soaps faithfully.

I guess my point is, I'm a romance junkie.

So imagine my absolute delight when my two favorite worlds collided, and I got my first look at the cover for my newest release, Golden Opportunity--I thought, "OMG, my hero looks just like Thorsten Kaye!" Well...maybe it's a little wishful thinking on my part, but you be the judge. *grin* (The cover model is actually the very yummy Jimmy Thomas)

Unfortunately, I lost my mother just a few short months ago. So when I learned that OLTL and AMC had both been cancelled, it hit me pretty hard. We'd commiserated over losing Guiding Light (and As The World Turns, Another World, Passions, Port Charles, Ryan's Hope, and many others...), but I was on my own now dealing with the loss of my two favorite soaps. I cried, and I mean I cried my heart out. I knew it was a combination of things, the reason it hit me so hard. And with my mom gone I was crying for the both of us. We'd never again laugh over something David Vickers said, or argue over who was the better couple—Todd and Blair or Todd and Tea.

But then a miracle happened in the form of online distribution company Prospect Park. They'd purchased the rights to OLTL and AMC, giving fresh hope to the millions of devoted fans who'd been fighting so hard to save their precious shows!

I know it's silly, but part of me believes my mother may have had something to do with it. She watches over me, so she knew how devastated I was over the double loss. No more Zach & Kendall? No more Todd Manning (I love both Trevor St. John and Roger Howarth, two of the most amazing actors on daytime)? No more Erica Kane, no more fights between powerhouses Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser? The thought was inconceivable...almost as unthinkable as knowing I'd never be able to pick up the phone again to call my mom.

I've only ever watched the occasional show online, when I miss a favorite show, but I have every intention of watching both of my favorite shows online. I don't have my mom to chat with about soaps anymore, but I would sure love to hear from anyone out there reading this post! Please, I'm desperate for some soap talk!

And if anyone is as curious as I was to discover just how addicting a good romance novel can be, please check out my titles (and the rest of my yummy covers)!

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